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While being dynamic and full of innovative ideas themselves, the Irish company aperio needed a way to overcome the dull perception of their field of expertise. They were seeking a unique approach to help their services appeal to a new generation of business owners. Quickly they understood that an exceptional visual identity would be critical for aperio to stand out from the competition.

CHARIZMA and TestArmy

Allied forces

Greatly impressed by the website we designed for TestArmy, aperio asked for help in redesigning their own website. Thanks to the great relationship we have with TestArmy, they suggested joining forces and working on the project as one team.


We knew however that refreshing and recreating aperio’s image was a bit like solving an equation with more than one variable. The driving idea was to somehow visualize how these experts support small and medium businesses by combining knowledge of finance with experience and technology. So the new visual identity needed to be multilayered to hit all the right spots and convey our intended message.

CHARIZMA_aperio Moodboard

All about contrast – Brand identity idea

The first step was creating a few mood boards, with one in particular presenting the client in a completely different light. Not only was this our own favorite, but aperio also felt this best reflected who they are. Our goal was to attract young entrepreneurs that value professional services as much as directness and a human element.

CHARIZMA_aperio contrast

To achieve this, we decided that “contrast” should become the driving force behind the brand identity. From then on, contrast became our focal point and the best approach to compare a relatively dull sector with aperio’s vibrant business attitude.

CHARIZMA_aperio logo animationa

CHARIZMA_aperio logo

CHARIZMA_aperio identity

CHARIZMA_aperio identity icons

CHARIZMA_aperio brochure cover

CHARIZMA_aperio powerpoint template

CHARIZMA_aperio Responsive Web Design

A picture is worth a thousand words – Website redesign

Next, still true to our contrast-based vision, we moved on to redesigning the website. The result – a strong, bold, and prominent site that was clear to use and really brought out the brand image w’d had envisioned. aperio was so impressed with the final outcome that they decided to maximize its potential by setting up a photo shoot that was all about highlighting aperio’s openness and transparency. Additionally, we helped customize and create the images illustrating and explaining the company’s offering and services which were then added to the website. 

CHARIZMA_aperio Team

CHARIZMA_aperio Web Design_mobile version

“The new brand developed for us has really helped to differentiate us in the market and our new website is already delivering leads for our business. We are delighted with the work delivered to date and have engaged them to provide additional services to help us improve our business further.”


Brian O’Mahony, Head of Business Excellence

What we did:

  • logo
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • PPT presentations
  • company brochures
  • website development and launch
  • identity manual
  • website administration