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Creating a brand from absolute beginnings

Hayatmart contacted us before they were even Hayatmart. We were involved in everything from the naming process, the brand’s visual direction, right through to overall brand identity. We saw them enter the global lifestyle and consumer electronics market and become a brand that seamlessly moved between both B2B and B2C sales.


CHARIZMA_Hayatmart logo process

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CHARIZMA_Hayatmart target

Always know your final target

The starting point in the project was simple — a name, a logo, and a website. However, this relatively standard task posed a peculiar challenge because we needed to extensively research the unfamiliar Middle-Eastern market. It’s only after we understood its dynamics, preferences and the visual cues that this market responds to were we able to think of a brand direction that made sense. The thorough research and productive collaboration with the client led to selecting Hayatmart as the name. With that out of the way, we could focus on visual elements, such as the logo, art direction and color palette to start building and underlining Hayatmart’s business focus on e-commerce.


CHARIZMA_Hayatmart logo meaning

Message in the logo

While coming up with the logo, we knew that it needed to be something more than just a fancy-looking emblem. We wanted the logo itself to tell the story about our client. We designed the H-shaped logo in such a way that it represents a connected world. In essence, a place where companies and customers can connect on a global scale.

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart logo pattern

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart website

The website, which was the next important step, needed to be both visually appealing and user-friendly to be able to retain customers. Our team laid the foundation of the site’s design which the client then iterated on with another external development team as they implemented continual tests and changes moving forward.

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart homepage website

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart web icons

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart Brand Book cover

Trust the brand book

Since we knew Hayatmart would be going through continual website updates and changes on their own, we needed to leave them with something to guide them through the rapid changes. So we created a brand book that carefully explained all the major guidelines on how to use the established visual elements best when developing further brand assets as well as various pointers on UX, branding and photography.

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart brand book inside 1

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart brand book inside 2

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart powerpoint template

CHARIZMA_Hayatmart brand identity

“I’ll work with them my whole life if they continue to offer the same quality.”

Hayat Aleyashi, Founder, HayatMart

Success on the horizon

Although a high functioning e-commerce site, Hayatmart is still in the initial chapters of its success story as it continues to build on our foundations to establish its presence in the Middle Eastern retail sector.

What We Did:

  • Market research
    Business cards
    PPT presentation
    Foundational website design
    Identity manual