More than a school

Kodilla used to be just a programming school but today it’s grown to become more than that. It’s an organization that helps people acquire new and desired set of coding and programming skills so they can change their lives for the better.

CHARIZMA_Kodilla website shown on devices

A website to inspire

As the website was going to the first point of contact for many of these up and coming programmers, we knew we needed to create a site that would inspire and reassure future candidates. Intuitive design with clarity in the web pages and a logical content presentation played the key role in the website’s redesign.

CHARIZMA_Kodilla colors


Our main goal was to create something intuitive, functional, and visually appealing to effectively support the school’s image. Simply put, the refurbished website had to clearly present the school’s competencies while enabling seamless navigation through its offering.

CHARIZMA_Kodilla website mobile version

Using visual language

The driving idea behind much of the brand direction was to integrate images and themes related to a lifestyle commonly associated with the successful and fulfilled IT sector employees. This visual focus put the end-goal of a Kodilla education sublimely into candidates’ minds – landing a well-paid job after their coding courses and jump-starting a new career.

CHARIZMA_Kodilla logo construction


One eye on the future

In the wake of the website overhaul, the logotype got a facelift too. The new visual identity required updating the font as well as remodeling the eye embedded in the Kodilla crest. This way, we gave the logotype more legibility and an edgy character. To support the website, we also designed infographics referring to relevant bootcamps and course programs.  

CHARIZMA_Kodilla logo on green


Everything’s right on time. This kind of reliability and dependability is a rarity among design studios. Another big plus is seamless and concise communication. 


Marcin Kosedowski, Marketing director, Online Programming School

Creating the next gen of programmers

Kodilla has so far enrolled and graduated 1000’s of budding programmers to this day and according to various Market Research Institute surveys, is one of the top listed programming schools that candidates select when searching for an online programming school.


What we did:

  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • User interface
  • Support