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Rethinking Our Perception

While TaxAGroup initially asked us to just redesign their website, we soon realized there was so much more to do here. Here was a company that knew its success is down to the people who work there. A small group of individual experts boosting years of tax sector experience and an unprecedented understanding of their clients’ needs. Unlike the competition, they didn’t just blindly look at the numbers.


CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup rebranding_Nadodrze

Yet this vibrant group of forward thinking and agile experts were flying the flag of a brand that looked as old and dated as the institutes of yesteryear. What they needed was something to set them apart from this group of dated behemoths and showcase them for who they really were.

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Cutting the Right Corners – Logo Redesign

First order of business, an identifiable brand symbol was created. Merging the letters T and G to form the company’s emblem was the first step in bringing some fresh visual distinction to the name. The sharp cuts seen in the emblem were added to symbolize the firm’s ability to clearly trim and cut a client’s tax burdens. 

CHARIZMA_Tax Advisors Group Rebranding_Logo

Gone too was the thin and imperial-era looking font in favour of a more modern, welcoming typeface.

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CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup logo construction

CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup identity elements

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CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup office view

A Touch of Local Flavour

TaxAGroup’s history will always be tied to the city Wrocław. It’s their home turf and they’re damn proud of it. To the people who work there, Wroclaw is a part of who they are. So while most tax firms tend to come across as stable yet overly sterile institutions, we decided to give TaxAGroup a different spin. Let their biggest asset – their people – be the visual star of the show and let the stage be their home city.

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CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup rebranding_Wroclaw Nadodrze

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Don’t Tax the User Experience – Website Overhaul

First thoughts when you think of tax consulting? Complicated. Bureaucratic. Overwhelming. We knew that if we wanted TaxAGroup’s services to shine, we need to deal with these negative preconceived thoughts right from the start. Present potential clients with all the info they needed in a clear and concise manner. Their previous website came with a lot of baggage so we knew we had to start almost from scratch.


CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup web design

The website was designed to be user-centric through and through. Very clear and thought out information funnels were mapped out using all the key info that TaxAGroup needed to include. Inessence, avoid an information overload, make everything easy to find and have the info flow in a coherent way. That was the core of every design choice made on the TaxAGroups new website.

CHARIZMA_TaxAGroup rebranding_Mobile website

CHARIZMA_Tax Advisors Group_Jakub Boberski

“Working with this company has always been effortless and characterized by an outcome-focused no-nonsense approach. A high level of skills and experience the Charizma’s staff possesses makes it easy for us to endorse this company.”

Jakub Boberski, Patner, Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o., Tax Advisors Company

More Than Just Success in Numbers

Almost every year without fault, TaxAGroup is recognized as one if the top tax advisory firms in the country. Various local rankings and awards are getting swept up a company operating in exact same field dominated by the infamous ‘’Big 4’’, namely Deloitte, Ernst & Young , KPMG and PwC. Not bad for a company of 30 or so people.


After going live, our website redesign was recognized through various accolades and press awards for clear, clean and user-centric website design.


So as this feisty little company continues to punch above its weight and take home the golds, we are right there at its side. We continually support TaxAgroup in any and all key branding endeavours while also keeping the website fully maintained and on brand throughout.

What We Did

  • Brand analysis
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Website implementation
  • Website maintenance
  • Continual support