TestArmy Old logo with values

Putting Firepower Back into a Brand

By creating connections between itself and the idea of an effective military, TestArmy already had a compelling brand differentiator for a company operating in the modern IT sector. However, inconsistent and slightly archaic elements of its early visual identity seemed more like a rusty machine gun than a precision-guided missile. After several years in business, the company needed to rebrand.

CHARIZMA_TestArmy 3 pillars

We looked at TestArmy’s existing brand from all angles as we wanted to design for the long-term future of the company. A deep analysis pinpointed the core strengths of the brand worth keeping while also zeroing in on everything that needed to be cut loose. Workshops with key staff uncovered the fundamentals of the brand that could be used build that perfect foundation. And a careful market analysis showed us how and where to take all this information and successfully position the company in the existing IT landscape. 

CHARIZMA_TestArmy logo element


The Medal of Honour: A New Logotype

First step, the logo. We selected the crest of the world’s most powerful military, simplified it as much as possible, and based on this created an emblem relevant to common project trends in the IT sector. Vivid colours were emphasized by the different font weight used in the name, which brought about more visual distinction.

CHARIZMA_Testarmy logo

CHARIZMA_TestArmy business cards

Weapons of Choice

The next step was to arm TestArmy with all the branded materials it would need to solidify an image of being the very best in their field i.e. the Testing Special Forces.


TestArmy Identity elements

CHARIZMA_TestArmy website desktop

A new website was designed from scratch. A dedicated photoshoot, careful UX choices and a visual template designed to look professional, modern and precise. Campaign-specific landing pages we designed for effective communication and user conversation. All marketing and advertising materials such as business cards, pamphlets, roll ups and banners were also added by us to TestArmy’s arsenal.

CHARIZMA TestArmy_Website

CHARIZMA_TestArmy mobile website

“We were looking for a design studio with experience in rebranding. We wanted to visualize our strong points, i.e., trustworthy specialists and top-class services. The Charizma turned out to be exactly the partner we needed. The professional approach and utter attention to the client’s needs undoubtedly make them stand out from other creative agencies.”


Wojciech Mróz, Managing Partner, TestArmy

CHARIZMA_TestArmy 3 logos

Built to Last

As TestArmy continues to grow, we’re right there watching their back, guarding their brand’s perception. We continue to work with the company on all major brand initiatives including advertising campaigns, sales presentations, campaign-specific landing pages, editorials, reports, etc.


Next step? After securing around 1.5 mln zl in funding from Prime Fund, TestArmy has now set its sights on its next big target, going public on the stock exchange.

What We Did

  • Brand analysis
  • Communication workshops
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity 
  • Web design
  • Web publishing and presentations
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Icons and illustrations