CHARIZMA_Turtle logo

Space branding on Earth

This space technology inspired start-up needed a branding launchpad as it was getting ready to take on new frontiers in the booming hi-tech technology-enthusiast sector.

CHARIZMA_Turtle 3 pictures

The rules don’t apply here

When designing a logo, it’s often advised not focus to heavily on a current product’s design and look, as this is something that can and will most likely change over time. However, innovative projects often need to break boundaries right from the start to even communicate and fulfil the needs of customers. When you innovate, you often break the established rules so we took it upon ourselves to do the same when creating the logo design for Turtle.


Since Turtle is an ultra-compact exploration rover that helps its owners discover and document humanely-inaccessible terrain, we knew we had something worthy of inspiration. It owes its smooth performance to a fully independent suspension that enables each wheel to move independently. This very form of a vehicle suspension become our vision for the logotype. As a result, we created the turtle-shell–inspired logo based on six independent circles.

CHARIZMA_Turtle Rover_riding dirty

CHARIZMA_Turtle Rover_part with logo

CHARIZMA_Turtle Logo animation

Going green

As far as colors go, we wanted to be as pioneering as the product itself. Intense shades of green aren’t widely used among high-tech brands, but we decided that it could actually work to Turtle’s advantage. An intense green is meant to convey the feeling of freshness and innovation, all while becoming the integral part of the eye-catching background for Turtle’s minimalistic branding.

CHARIZMA_Turtle 3 pictures with identity

CHARIZMA_Turtle Rover packaging


CHARIZMA_Turtle Rover_behind the rocks


Keeping things moving – app design

To further strengthen Turtle’s visual brand, we designed the user interface for their rover controller app based on the blueprints of the rover itself that the team provided. The task posed a challenge as the design needed to meet engineers’ strict requirements, expectations, and guidelines while still being visually coherent with the direction selected for brand identity.

CHARIZMA_Turtle app icons

CHARIZMA_Turtle app in use

Eventually, we’ve managed to create the UI that is functional, intuitive, and visually impressive that met and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Turtle Rover Backpack

A giant leap for tech-kind

Turtle Rover’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter turned out to be a massive success. The team collected more than 66,000 euros, exceeding their initial goal by 112% for a product that had a very specific and demanding audience. The team continues to develop their product for the better all while shipping existing models to current campaign backers and successfully gathering additional funding from various investors to help them scale their business and production pipelines.

What we did:

  • Logo
  • Identity
  • PLATFORM User interface
  • PLATFORM Design
  • Kickstarter campaign graphics
  • Icons and illustrations
  • Brand guidelines