CHARIZMA_Strategia marki_Patrycja

A brand with a strategy developed based on its core values will easier create brand image necessary to achieve the set objectives. Another, but at the same time the major outcome of building business and communication upon strategic goals, is the objective that a company is pursuing. It facilitates client communication, as well as the understanding of brand mission and its business idea.


Why is brand strategy so crucial?


Time investment, and above all commitment to building a brand with a strategy, simply makes business operations run smoothly.


However, everything begins with asking ourselves a few key questions.


  • What are we doing, and how are we doing it?
  • Who are we doing it for? What differentiates us?
  • And—the most important question—why are we doing it?


If money or profit are the answer to the questions about building brand strategy, then our company will be incomplete. Everything we’re about to create will come down to the price. The price of a product or services, an employee cost, and the price a customer is willing to pay. If that’s the case, our competitors will wipe us out from the market with a single and a very basic move—by reducing their prices. So, what we want to do is to build lasting customer relationships, gain the customer’s trust (even admiration at times), and, most of all, ensure that the value our product or services bring is clearly recognizable from the customer’s perspective.


Does every company need a strategy?


The question whether developing a brand strategy even makes sense is very common because, after all, we best know what we’re selling, we know our customer base, and we’re sure we’re better than our competitors. While we might be completely convinced that’s the truth, is this something that our customer remembers when making a choice? Will the prospective employee consciously choose our company because he or she relates to and identifies with our brand and its values? Or, will money be the only things that matters (and if so, take another look at the paragraph above)? It’s not about grandiose slogans and grandiloquent ideas. And that’s why we are choosing to deliberately write about developing an authentic brand strategy. Something that every customer and employee will appreciate. If a brand follows the strategic guidelines rooted in its DNA, it becomes unbelievably interesting.


What elements are part of brand strategy development?


Brand communication analysis (sector)
Brand audit
Strategic workshops
Brand mission
Brand positioning
Brand values
Guiding principles (brand idea)
Brand communication