Employer branding co to takiego

Employer branding is a process of creating a coherent and positive image of the company, which later becomes the foundation for having dedicated employees. The process’ main goal is to create a place which attracts and retain talented people, while at the same time preventing consistent rotation in the company. To achieve this companies are forced to create beneficial environment, so the employees want to stay in it for the long time. And it is not only about the money, it is about creating something more.


Why does Employer Branding not affect employee recruitment?


Each one of us once looked for a job and probably everyone had a dream of working in a reliable and well-founded company. Working for a specific brand set a career path and was the dream coming true. The experience of working for trustworthy and recognizable brand can boost your CV and can be the foundation of a successful career. At the same time it is a social prestige, which can raise a common “wow”.


Unfortunately, not every company can make such a “wow”. Brands like Google, Apple or Facebook are extremely desirable but why are they successful? Why specialists want to work in these companies, even while earning less money, and not in the others? Because these brands are driven by something more than just a willingness to make a profit. They create something unique, iconic and special and they are leaders and visionaries on the market. Their action are based on values, which are appreciated not only by the clients but also by the future employees.


It isn’t about better financial conditions and another benefits such as game consoles, Fridays off or in-house cleaning service (this is often offered to software developers, who are extremely desired in most companies). Of course, all of this is quite cool but the real value is to build authentic company with vision, which the crowds will follow.


So, what’s with all the noise about Employer Branding?


It is because most brands don’t have their own coherent vision or strategy that can be run consistently. Branding, unlike employer branding, is about pure authenticity.


It’s simple – if you are authentic and confident about your vision, people will see it and follow you.


Gandhi, Bob Marley, Elon Musk – these are just a few examples of people who could attract crowds. But there are many more examples of such people in the history, pop culture or business. Employer branding is more about building such an image outside. Unfortunately, this image is rarely consistent with what’s really inside.


Companies often forget that the brand’s true ambassadors are its employees, not celebrities from its ads. Celebs romance with many companies – depending on who is willing to pay more. From employees, brands expect consistent loyalty. When the company seems interesting from the outside but is completely different from the inside, then no employer branding will help. Everything starts with creating a brand strategy – authentic, true vision of the company.


Is Employer Branding needed then?


Not every company has such a strong reputation that we become excited by just pronouncing its name. Employer Branding should be both the part and the consequence of brand strategy.


The right, positive brand’s image can be created only through an authentic vision.


Companies often ask about the sense of creating strategies. They know what they sell, they know their client and they are sure that their offer is much better than the competition’s offer. But is the customer also aware of this? Will the future employee be conscious in choosing our company because he identifies with the brand and its value? Or the only thing to matter will be good salary?


It all starts with asking yourself a few important questions: What do we do and how do we do it? Who do we do it for? What makes us different? And above all, why do we do it? Without this, our actions may turn out to be incomplete or not beneficial. When the brand is based on appropriate guidelines that are a result of its DNA, it becomes extremely interesting. Moreover, long-term activities influence relations both with customers and with employees.


Does building an authentic brand strategy have influence on company’s profit?


Time devotion and, above all, commitment to creating a brand with a consistent strategy, makes that the company operates smoother. If the only keynotes in building the brand’ strategy are money or profit, our company will be unattractive in the long run. Everything created will be then based on price –cost of the employee, cost of the product and service and the price which the customer will able to pay for it.


For companies, it is important to think of themselves as a potential first choice.


An employee who has a chance to start his career in a company leading in its field, will be then more keen to take up such a job, even if the salary is lower than offered by the competition. When the values of our potential employee coincide with ours, we are becoming his first choice. As a consequence, we have a chance to hire a young specialist, train and adapt him to our workplace and retain him in our team for a very long time. It is similar with customers – they no longer want just a cheap product and good quality. Nowadays, customers want something else – sense. They want to identify with the brand and its values. They want brand to be real even despite some mistakes. Both the customer and the employee want authenticity – an authentic brand attracts and this translates into loyalty and profit.